VAT Returns

Value Added Tax, is a tax that applies to most business transactions that involve the transfer of goods or services. It is a constantly changing tax. Once your business turnover reaches a certain level, you will have to register for VAT. This means that whenever you buy or sell anything in the course of your business, you will have to charge VAT on your sales, keep proper VAT records on your incoming and outgoing transactions and pay VAT to HM Revenue & Customs .

VAT is a subject that strike fear into many business owners. The truth is that the under the European Union the situation has become more complex not less! The reporting requirements have actually increased especially if you Import or Export products.

You must register your business for VAT if you supplied taxable goods and services with a total value of more than £64,000 in the last 12-month period, or if you anticipate supplying taxable goods and services valued at more than £64,000 in the next 30-day period alone.

Certain types of goods and services are not taxable and are therefore exempt from VAT, eg insurance, loans, or some types of education or training. If your business supplies only goods and services that are exempt, then you can't register and claim the VAT back on your purchases.

It is essential to take expert advice. Looking after our clients' VAT affairs is fundamental to the overall service we provide.

The services include:

  VAT helpline
  VAT planning
  VAT Health Check
  VAT tribunal work
  Standard UK VAT registrations
  Specialised UK VAT registrations for non-UK businesses
  VAT refunds for overseas businesses in the UK
  VAT refunds for UK businesses overseas

   Accounting services


   Associates services

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